Do cartwheels, backflips, and defy gravity on our open court. Grab a partner and race to the top of our rock wall or battle it out in a jousting tournament. Then swing over to our ropes course and zipline. If you’re looking for a team sport, bring the whole crew and compete in a game of Xtreme Dodgeball!

Don’t stop there—we have 18 attractions* to explore!

*some locations may differ


The moment you step into the Launch Zone, time will rewind and you will find yourself reconnecting with a younger version of yourself. It’s kind of hard to stress about car payments and dirty dishes when you’re flying through the air, is it not? Do cartwheels, handstands, defy gravity–all on our huge inflatable platform. There are endless paw-sibilities in the Launch Zone!


Let summer come to you! Instead of tubing the river, we provide tubing indoors! Grab a partner and have a racing competition on our side-by-side slides. Stick with us and it’ll be summer all year long!


Ever watched a cat chase a laser? Now it’s time to put your own paws to the test and play this interactive light game. Think whack-a-mole but with lights!


Remember those dinky ball pits you used to play in, in between bites of cheeseburger? They were great fun, but didn’t you always wish they were bigger, better? At Catapult, The Paw Pit is mega huge. Grab a group of friends and play an ultimate game of hide and seek or swim laps from front to back.


Ah, dodgeball…doesn’t it just bring back memories of tightly-laced sneakers and squeaky gym floors? Put your middle school days to the test by playing Xtreme dodgeball on our inflatable court where balance and accuracy are key. This sport ain’t for the faint of heart…this is Xtreme DODGEBALL.


Ever wanted to be like those Ninja warriors on TV? Now’s your chance! Test your speed, reflexes, agility and strength in our advanced Ninja Cat Course. A couple of rounds of challenging obstacles and you’ll be ready for reality TV in no time!


Been a while since you’ve climbed a tree? Test your speed, agility, and upper body strength as you scale this mesh cylinder and then breathe easy as you slide down the chute to start all over again. Make it a competition by grabbing a group of friends and comparing your climb times. You’ll be out of breath in no time!


Rehearsing stunts for your next action film? This giant airbag is the perfect place to practice your acro-catic skills. Go crazy! Launch, flip, jump! Remember cats always land on their feet!


Time to rock out! Put your rock climbing ability to the test with our free-climbing inflatable rock wall. You’ll get a full-body workout while racing to the top. Don’t fall – remember you only have nine lives! Try it solo or grab a friend and turn it into a competition.


Although this tornado won’t send you to Oz, it will definitely keep you on your toes. Test your cat-like reflexes to avoid getting knocked out by this rotating wipe out arm. Dodging and jumping and ducking–oh my! There’s no place like the Tornado Twirl!


Gymnastics meets medieval sword play for the ultimate duel in this battle of balance and strength. Objective: Knock your opponent off the battle beam without falling off yourself. The ground is lava (okay, it’s airbag, but go with it). Grab a partner and battle it out! Winner is the last one standing.


What would an adventure park be without its slide? This isn’t your average slide, either…it’s mega huge. This attraction is addicting – you can’t slide just once! Purr-fect for all ages.


Grab a partner and duel it out in this modern version of the classic medieval sport. Try to keep your balance while also knocking your opponent off their horse (a.k.a. inflatable beam). Be careful – don’t plummet to the deadly airbag below!


If you ever wanted to be Tarzan, this is your chance! Test your cat-thletic abilities, coordination, and balance in this obstacle ropes course that includes a zip line!


Remember when you used to impress your friends by balancing on a ledge or fence? It’s time to take it to the next level with this inflatable attraction, where the challenge is to hop from place to place until you reach the top. Don’t forget to strike a pose when you finish – you are on the Cat Walk after all!


Reach new heights as you trek to the top of Mt. Catapult. Don’t forget to yell “I’m king of the rock!” at the summit of the mountain. Then slide down the other side and do it all over again. This attraction is purr-fect for all ages, especially the little kitties.


Psst, wanna hear a secret? This slide is the quickest, sneakiest way to get to all the
other attractions. Grab a friend, skip the stairs, and zoom down this double slide that
starts at the mezzanine and drops you right into the action.